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What are your plans for this summer ? Looking to travel with your friends and family or just with your partner ? Eos Travel has you covered! In this article , we're going to highlight some of the benefits of booking a villa for your holidays, from the cost savings to even health considerations.

Low Cost

This might look a bit odd, but the reality is that hotels are proved to be more expensive than booking a villa. On average, at the time of writing this article, the price for a 4 star hotel in Corfu is roughly 60 euros per night for two people. On the other hand, you have a villa like Villa Angelos , with it's own private pool, that can accommodate up to 7 people where it's price starts from just 71 euros per night.



Villa Tsikkos Tria

Argaka Cyprus

Price From:

102 /night

Confirm with 10%

person 6+1
hotel 3
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Nothing beats a villa in terms of luxury. Think about it, your own villa with its own private pool. How cool is that ? You'll have your own kitchen to cook whatever you want, villas with private gardens will give your kids a secure area for them to enjoy the sun and play, you can even have a heated pool like Villa Tsikkos Tria

Stuff like huge personal spaces, private parking, sea views, outdoor barbecue, unlimited WiFi usage,etc are benefits that give a premium feeling to your vacations.


Privacy is a big consideration in this time and day. By booking a villa , you have the option to select one that's away from it all so it offers high levels of privacy. People of high profile or just people who want quiet and peaceful holidays prefer villas like Villa Eleni Exeria, which not only is private, but also offers stunning views. 


A villa will not only accommodate a whole family and all of it's needs, it has the ability to give you the feeling of your family home, away from home. Having vacations is for many of us the best time to spend quality time with our family, so having the necessary change of scenery but keeping the family feeling, is a huge plus for villas.


Considering the fact that a villa can be secluded, it brings a lot of health benefits. Avoiding city noise pollution will help you get rid of stress and fatigue accumulated from work and constant city noise. 

Another very important benefit is the avoidance of large crowds, in contrast of what you will see in a hotel, that you will have to use the same buffet or public spaces, making it harder for you and your family to contract infectious diseases like Covid-19.


Resort of Choice

By choosing to go with booking a villa , you are also given the option of selecting the resort of choice. Do you want to stay in Agios Stefanos, Corfu ? Or would you like to book something in Gaios, Paxos ? Traditional hotels don't offer that kind of flexibility.


So why should you book a villa?

  • Booking a villa is generally cheaper than a traditional hotel
  • Villas can have luxurious features like heated pools and huge spaces
  • They offer much higher levels of privacy
  • They have a sense of home, making them family friendly
  • Villas provide healthier environment by absence of crowd protecting you from infectious diseases
  • You have the ability to book in the resort or location of your choice 

So what are you waiting for ? Start searching our rich collection of villas now! 

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