Flexible Offers

Flexible Offers

How do they work?

"Flexible last minute offers" is a tool implemented internally by Eos Villas in order to help owners manage their prices in this very competitive environment. We do understand that last minute offers are not for every owner and that you may not like to use this tool at all. 

Following your feedback we have stopped implementation of this tool and we will proceed with a more practical approach and call you then ever we are ready to adjust offered prices and need to give a special offer deal to a client.

Should you like to consider it though, below are a few key elements to understand when using it.

  • The offers do not apply to the minimum selling price.
    For example: If the October price is 80 Euros per day, the minimum offer per day cannot be below 80 Euros.
  • The percentages can be changed by the owner at any time.
  • It normally takes about 24 hours for us to update all of our pricing.
  • The offer is applied both on the retail and the owner prices. 
    For example: Let's say that the total price offered to a client is 1000 Euros and the owner price is 800 Euros.
    If we are to apply a 10% discount, the client will receive an offer of 100 euros (will pay 900 Euros) and the owner will participate in this offer with 80 Euros (will receive 720 Euros).
  • If a booking is over 7 nights and two different offer periods apply, the offers are applied separately per 7 nights stay.
    For example: If we have a 10 nights booking, the first 7 nights will have the first offer applied to them and the last 3 nights will receive the second offer.

Below are two examples of use of those offers:


  1. Percentages: Those selected by the owner
  2. Possible Booking: A possible booking or dates selected by the client
  3. Offer Calculation: A breakdown of the booking per 7 nights or less stay.
  4. The possible offer to the clients is compared with the minimum offered price.
  5. Final Offered Price: What will be offered eventually to the client

Example 1

This example shows the breakdown of the logic used when the Auto Offer calculates a daily price above the minimum.

Example 2

This example shows the breakdown of the logic used when the Auto Offer calculates a daily price below the minimum.

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