Holidaying with Eos Villas


Dear Guests.

Thank you for booking your holiday accommodation at one of our self-catering properties. Please find below helpful information about your holidays.

Arrival and Departure Times

The Basics

Arrival Time: 3:00 pm (15:00) or later (unless we have agreed otherwise or mentioned differently with your booking confirmation)

Departure time: 10:00 am (unless we have agreed otherwise). 

Luggage Drop off is possible at 13:00 or later.


    • We will communicate on your arrival, during your stay and departure to facilitate any arrangements.
    • You are welcome to do the same or let us know your preferred way of contact.
    • We use a Mobile(SMS), E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, or Web App (myEos).
    • Please ensure we know the contact details you will use on holiday, as soon as possible.

    Earlier Check-in

    We could allow an earlier check-in or later check-out. We will only know closer to your arrival or on the same day.

    Our Web App will give you a more direct way of knowing whether your house is ready. 

    If you are not arriving on a cleaning day, we can be flexible and allow you to access the property as early as 13.00 hours. 

    If arriving earlier is essential, please contact us at 0030 2663091044.

    Later Check-out

    Consider letting us know (at least two days before) if you need to depart later. It will undoubtedly help with any arrangements.  

    We cannot confirm this for every booking but will do our best.


    Arrival and Driving Instructions
    Please ensure you have our handmade Detailed Photographic Driving Instructions / Directions for your arrival.
    We provide these twice before arrival
    They will be bannered under our logos of Eos Travel and Eos Villas. 

    No GPS coordinates will get you to your property correctly and accurately.
    The accuracy depends on your device, signal strength (Satellite/GPRS) and other factors beyond our control.
    Please do not rely solely on GPS.
    Nevertheless, we will provide this information.

    There are no street numbers or addresses in most of our rural houses.
    That is almost 99% since most houses are close to tiny villages.


    Use your Holiday Planner (myEos) to provide us securely with all your Names and ID/Passport details.
    Under the GDBR protocol, this information will only be available to official authorities if needed.
    This requirement is a legal one.

    Emergency Contract

    Keep our emergency numbers at hand.
    We provide them with our driving instructions, sent to you a few days before arrival or found inside your holiday planner.
    There may be an extra charge should you need someone to come out and help.

    Our App

    As early as June 2020, we introduced our Web App, "myEos". 

    Key Features are:

    • This Web App is straightforward
    • You can access it with any device
    • It is bundled with a free e-Messanger to contact us directly. 
    • You can get all the essential information about your holiday in one place.
    • You can also access suggestions and what things to do while on holiday.
    • There is no need to install it on your phone desktop. There is, however, an option to do just that and keep it like a shortcut icon.


    Key Elements

    Cleaning is thorough and thus takes much longer (we estimate an average of 3 hours per property).

    It is best if you are not present.

    Cleaning materials used by the cleaning teams are well-known disinfectants/steamers etc.  They will make sure that all common areas are disinfected. 

    Mid cleaning

    Should a mid-clean be agreed upon, the suggested time you will need to leave the house is about 4 hours.

    This time will allow the cleaning crew to complete a thorough clean and the house to dry out naturally.
    Our suggestion is to spend the day out with family. 

    The cleaners will provide linen and towels on arrival and for the entire duration of your stay. They will usually make the beds with linen, etc. In some circumstances, they will only lay the under covers and leave the rest of the linen on the bedside for you to use.

    Cleaners take all the necessary precautions. 

    You can participate in the procedure by arriving at the time agreed upon by the agency. (Use our Web App (myEos) to know the agreed time).

    On departure

    Please switch off all air-conditioning units and secure the place before you depart.



    Maintenance typically happens early in the morning and before breakfast if your property has a pool. 


    Gardening will probably happen at specific hours in the afternoon.

    Extra maintenance

    We inspect our houses thoroughly before arrival. At some point, though, something in the house may need some extra maintenance.

    If this involves someone entering your house, we will collect enough information to ensure the maintenance person fixes what has failed. So, we may need to ask a few more questions than usual.

    We need to allow enough time for the maintenance person to arrive. To facilitate this, they may need to come the next day. They also have to follow specific procedures and can be overwhelmed during summer.

    It is best if you are not inside the property during maintenance.

    The maintenance person will arrive following the protocols and health procedures in place. 

    If it is a genuine emergency and your presence is needed, please exercise social distancing with the maintenance team.

    Sometimes, a cleaner might arrive just after the maintenance person has come.

    Flying in

    To Cyprus

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    To Greece

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    To Turkey

    For any related issues regarding travelling to Turkey, including visas, please follow the link below:

    To Spain

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    Your Co-operation

    As always, we take great care in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout our properties.

    We have supplemented the above procedures with additional COVID-19 cleanliness-specific guidance, training and information to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous for your safety.

    Thank you very much for your kind co-operation on this, as this will guarantee a safe and pleasant stay on our property. Have a great holiday!

    The Eos Team

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