Working with Covid 19


Dear respectful Owners,

We regret all being in this difficult position this year due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Who could have imagined that after so many difficult years with tourism and successes, there would be such a big problem with a virus?

Despite the unprecedented times, we are here and prepare daily for the long return to normality. The course is not and will not be easy. You have our commitment for continuing and uninterrupted support.

Nothing now seems the same. Nevertheless, as before, we believe that honesty, accuracy and communication will provide us with the competitive edge that we need in these times.

What can be done?

Important element for all of us is to save as much of this tourist season as possible. In that direction we are doing the following:

    Will that be enough?

    Of course not. We are coming up with a lot of different ways to approach each client and try to inspire them with the confidence needed to go on holiday again.

    When will the season start again?

    Even though different governments seem to have decide to start at different times, they all seem to agree that starting up the summer season is now official.

    Flight companies are finally announcing the relounge of their summer flights. Ferry schedules, capacities and most importantly the way we can travel this summer is becoming more and more evident.

    Our suggestion is to have your houses ready at least a week before the officially government announced date.

    Will the virus go away?

    We do get this question a lot. None really knows, except maybe for the experts. Considering what we had to do with H1N1 a few years ago, we may need to get used to the virus presence. The impact of the previous virus of course was minimal, so not many had gained any experience. 

    Having personally dealt and handled the only declared H1N1 incident of tourists in Corfu, it can easily be conclude there is no comparison.

    How do we restart?

    With all the necessary changes set in place (cleaning procedures, emergency agreement, prices, offers), we are now ready to face these challenging times together with hope and the necessary flexibility to be competitive the moment the season starts taking off.

    This will not be an easy re-start. Things seem to change by the hour nowadays. We will face it though together.

    Next year?

    We regret to say that, up to this moment, this crisis does seem to affect next year too.

    We simply cannot determine the extend yet. Our intention is revisit the subject with each and everyone of you as soon as possible and by the 20th of September the latest.

    Clients are simply scared at the moment and some of them are facing difficult job prospects.

    Prices are already available for 2021 for clients to move there holiday dates with no extra charges.

    We would like to thank all of you that have already agreed to this. It really helps to turn cancellations into future bookings.


    How is this affected

    Cleaning will play a vital part in the tourist season this, year as it is most important to keep the houses safe and ourselves too. We are waiting for official confirmation in order to finalize the cleaning procedure, but we do have the following in place and a few tips available.

    This procedure is open for discussion and was drafted with the help and feedback of many owners like yourselves.

    Cleaning Procedure

    Key Elements

    • Very thorough.
    • Happens once during the client arrival only. Preferably the day before.
    • Clients are never present. This is a very important rule. Should a mid clean be agreed for any reason, the client will need to leave the house for at least 8 hours.
    • Linen and towels are provided extra for the whole stay. 
      We are still not sure what is best: 
      Should linen be lade on the beds or left next to the bed for the clients to use.
      Your feedback is welcome.
    • Cleaning is divided into 3 stages, adding an extra hour and a half of cleaning at a minimum.
      • Pre-Cleaning (protects the cleaner)
      • Mid-cleaning (main cleaning)
      • After-Cleaning (protects the client)

      • There is a 20 - 40 minutes delay between Pre and Mid Cleaning. 
      • There is at least a 20 minute delay between After-Cleaning and clients' arrival
      • There is at least a 20 minute delay between Clients Departure and Pre-Cleaning
      • Cleaners have to take the necessary precautions (glaves, masks, etc)  
      • Clients participate in the procedure by:
        • Arriving exactly at the allowed time by the agency. This is specified to the client after confirmation from the cleaner.
        • All aircon units need to be switched off on departure
        • Windows should not be firmly shut, but left open on departure.
        • During client's stay air-conditioning is operated with a window or door partially open. 
        • All rooms should be aired thoroughly during the day.
      • Soaps, disinfectants etc are provided for the client's arrival. Clients are advise to bring their own with them.

      A Practical Example

      In order to visualize this, let's consider the following practical example:

      • Client departs from the villa/apartment at 10am.
        They are already instructed to leave the house windows open and to power down all air-conditioning units.
        Client has let us know the exact time they have departed from the house.
      • Cleaner arrives 10:20 the earliest and checks the above has been down.
        If she/he finds the aircon operating needs to power down the house before entering.

      Pre-Cleaning (protects the cleaner)

      One of the first actions is to remove the aircon filters and put them in a washing basin to clean. During the summer it is difficult to clean without the aircon on. This step is to ensure that by the second step the aircon will be usable for the cleaner to use if she so desires.

      A diluted disinfectant spray is used on all the common surfaces like keys, locks, balstraits, wash basins, door handles, chairs etc. The surfaces are let to dry out for about 10 mins or more. Also this spray should be used on sofa surfaces, armchairs, bedside walls up to a logical height and generally all other walls that can be accidentally touched.

      The cleaner will then leave the house for 20 to 40 minutes and let the air-conditioning to operate while the house windows are open. 


      The cleaner will then go through and clean all the surfaces that were previously sprayed (where possible).

      This is the normal cleaning that happens during every arrival. It is good to include a more thorough approach starting from bathrooms to kitchen to bedrooms and to the lounge area eventually.
      More surfaces should be included that it is possible for people to use their hands on like the walls of the bedrooms, or narrow corridors up to a certain height.
      Also kitchen chairs and stools. 
      By the end of this stage, the cleaner will need to notify us that the house is ready for them to arrive.

      After-Cleaning (protects the client)

      This is a copy of the Pre-Cleaning, using exactly the same material that was used in Pre-cleaning. This material will be let to dry out for at least 20 mins before the houses are locked up for next clients arrival. Windows need to be left open so that the air circulates. 

      Special care should be taken to clean the keys of the property.

      Existing Bookings

      Existing bookings are handled with care to avoid as many cancellations as possible. We are handling the situation by offering clients the ability to move dates at the end of the season or next year where possible. 
      We are also providing them with a Voucher as credit for the next holiday with us. They will be able to use it up to 18 months from now.

      April 2020

      Due to various government restrictions, April bookings had been cancelled completely. Payments have been 100% refunded back to clients. There was unfortunately very little time for us to react, as the flights were getting cancelled last minute.

      Other months

      With numerous flight cancellations taking place and flights companies announced cancelled schedules in a more timely manner, Clients had more time to react. Thus the amount of clients changing their dates had increased. We are postponing as many of these cancellations as we can, to give time to clients and us to react. 

      Up until now flights concerning our clients were reported being cancelled up to the 8th of July 2020.

      Thankfully more and more companies are now announcing new dates. 

      Does the client reserve the right to cancel?

      The short answer is yes. If a client wants to cancel and there is a health issue involved, we have to give a full refund of all deposits paid. Clients that move their holidays next year or the end of the season, receive an 18 month voucher. 

      Client reserve the right to change their mind. This (depending on the form of payment) may lead to a ChargeBack, which is handled by our issuing bank and theirs directly and it forces us to return the deposit nonetheless. This should have been in short a very rare and difficult situation to handle, as institutions like Visa, MasterCARD etc operate under Force Majeure as normal. 

      This events are unfortunately increasing.

      What happens if there is a travel ban?

      We issue a full refund too. We also offer the alternative of a voucher. Travel bans are also followed with government restrictions and regulations, which are different for each country. Countries that do not work together or force 2 weeks quarantine, simply make it impossible for clients to travel.

      Flexible Offers

      How do they work?

      "Flexible last minute offers" is a tool implemented internally by Eos Villas in order to help owners manage their prices in this very competitive environment. We do understand that last minute offers are not for every owner and that you may not like to use this tool at all. 

      Following your feedback we have adjusted the use of this tool and we will proceed with a more practical approach and call you whenever we are ready to adjust offered prices or need to give a special offer to a client.

      To find more about, please visit the page below:

      Editor's Note

      This document is updated frequently and adapted to the new realities we face. 

      Last update: 16/May/2020

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