Flexible booking

Flexible booking with Eos Travel

Now is probably the best time to book a Flexible Holiday with us.

Keep Calm, and Travel is turning out to be the motto of the year.

We are here to reward our clients' loyalty and show them a way to brighten up their day and escape the doom and glum of mainstream news. The issue about Covid-19 (coronavirus) will eventually ease-out, and what is more rewarding than "going for a short holiday"? We are all sure that this phrase is in the mind of every one of us.

We are pleased to launch a Flexible Booking policy for all new bookings.

Key points to remember are:

  • You can reserve your property with just a 10% refundable deposit.
    Of course, it is old news for us since this is the minimum deposit we require anyway. We are extending it also for last-minute bookings.
  • Re-schedule your dates free of charge.
    It has been happening a lot lately, also due to frequent changes in flight schedules.
    We will facilitate any updates free of charge as usual. We are happy to extend, including moving or delaying whole reservations, up to 20 weeks.
    All the above will depend on the availability of the same accommodation or similar. We will adjust price differences depending on the final reservation type.
  • Hold the property for a week until you decide.
    Holding a property has been extended from 24 hours to a week. It is yet another way to help you book with ease and peace of mind.
  • Options to pay on your arrival
    We are happy to short your balance when you arrive at your accommodation (cash or credit card).
    This option will depend on the type of property. Usually, an additional small deposit is required.
  • All deposits are refundable until a week before arrival.
    For Covid-19 related cancellations, after the week, an 18-month voucher can be issued.

Book now and claim this Flexible offer!

View our collection of properties in Corfu, Mykonos, Paxos, Cyprus, Turkey and Attika

The Eos Travel Team


Please note,
this policy offered by Eos Villas is subject to change and might not apply to all properties offered.

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