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Spartillla Life

It seems hard to believe sometimes that over 30 years have passed for me, an ex-pat from Surrey, to be accustomed to life in Corfu and becoming a member of a traditional working Village of North East Corfu.

But after marriage, bringing up children and eventually coming to terms with the official Government, Health, and Education systems, which by no means is no easy feat! I can honestly say that I can finally fit into this lifestyle, which is so different from my humble beginnings.

Of course, having parents-in-law who spoke no English and assisting the children with their Homework has dramatically helped me become competent in the Greek Language. Reading the weekly TV Radio magazines also helped, trying to see if I could muster the language, knowing what was shown on TV that night, if of course there wasn't a proverbial power cut!! Those days seem like a lifetime away now that we are fully-fledged European members.

There were only three channels in those days, and it was a real treat to see a "foreign Film shown!! 

Nowadays we are spoilt for choosing what can be shown on our "Smart TVs!

Photo of Spartilas


Author: Lesley Douli

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