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How – And Why – To Practise Mindfulness Mediation On Holiday

Did you know that regular mindfulness-based meditation can improve sleep? Where better to practise the art of mindfulness than a luxury holiday villa, complete with a private pool? Or listening to gentle waves rolling up on a nearby beautiful beach…

New research in a leading journal* analyses data from over 2,500 people and finds that mindfulness-based meditation significantly improves sleep quality. The research group discovered that the more time we spend on mindfulness, the better the effect on our sleep.

What Is Mindfulness Mediation?

Mindfulness meditation is when we take time to focus on “now”, so being aware of what we are sensing and feeling at a particular moment. Slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm the mind and body.

How Do I Practise Mindfulness Meditation On Holiday?

  • Find a comfortable space next to the private pool in the early morning, on the secluded beach whilst the sun goes down, in the peace of a tastefully furbished bedroom in your holiday villa. 
  • Allocate yourself some time. Just a few minutes will do. Set a timer if you need to.
  • Focus on your breathing. Aim to inhale and exhale in a deep and slow manner, paying attention to the air moving in and out of your lungs. 
  • Acknowledge your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Remember that the emotions you feel are not actual facts; they are your brain’s response to whatever is going on in your life. Do not suppress your thoughts. Witness them, and allow them to pass as though they are clouds. Keep returning to your breath and refocus on breathing. 
  • When your session is over, give yourself time to re-engage with the world around you. Open your eyes, take in your surroundings, and decide how you want to spend the rest of this special day. 

How Can Mindfulness Meditation Help Me?

Mindfulness meditation can influence many aspects of life. As well as reducing stress and improving sleep, mindfulness lowers heart rate and may even positively impact immunity. A holiday is a great time to build new positive activities into your daily life, whether it’s mindfulness, reading a book, or going for a gentle run. You may not be able to take the sunshine back home, but mindfulness meditation can join you anywhere.  

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