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Promoting Sustainable Tourism: A New Era for Corfu and Paxos

The importance of developing alternative tourism products that focus on culture and sustainability topped the agenda during talks between Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni and tourism stakeholders on the island of Corfu. Eos Villas is proud to support these initiatives, promoting sustainable tourism and innovative travel ideas.

Kefalogianni visited Corfu as part of a broader tour of the Ionian Islands Region. During her visit, she held a working meeting with Ionian Islands Regional Governor Giannis Trepeklis, local policymakers, and tourism professionals. As the season develops, Kefalogianni emphasized the goal of enhancing the quality of services and promoting sustainable practices that benefit local communities.

"It is crucial to proceed based on a tourism development plan that considers environmental and social impacts, ensuring the development of tourist products that attract a broad market," she said. In this direction, projects funded by RRF tools and initiatives to support special interest tourism products are in the pipeline.

Kefalogianni highlighted the ministry’s programme for creating a modern, competitive tourism product, emphasizing actions funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund. These actions align with principles of green and blue development, enriching tourism with special forms like diving and nature tourism and boosting tourist flows by exploring new markets.

Before arriving in Corfu, Kefalogianni stopped on the small island of Paxos, where local authorities briefed her on programmes and actions aimed at promoting the island and transitioning to green development and sustainability. Kefalogianni emphasized that Paxos would receive the necessary support through synergies with the Regional Council.

Investment in infrastructure, especially in places like Paxos, is imperative for the continued development of tourism. At Eos Villas, we are striving to improve the holiday experience for our guests and the rental experience for our owners, all while focusing on supporting local communities. One way to enhance our guests' holiday experiences is by informing them about the local community and the people who make up that community. With this understanding, guests will enjoy a more enriching and fulfilling holiday.

At Eos Villas, we are committed to supporting these initiatives, ensuring responsible development and growth in our business while preserving and enhancing the beauty and sustainability of our destinations.

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