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Eos Villas' Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility Aligned with EU Tourism Forum Goals

Europe’s travel and tourism stakeholders convened on Rhodes this week for the “EU Tourism: Resilience in the Era of the Climate Crisis” forum, demonstrating a united commitment to advancing sustainability goals within the industry.

During the forum, representatives from prominent sector organizations came together to sign a joint declaration outlining their collective commitment to sustainable travel and tourism.

The signed declaration represents a roadmap for collaborative efforts aimed at propelling the travel and tourism sector towards a more resilient and sustainable future, while advocating for supportive policies at the European level.

“As the EU elections draw near, we urge decision-makers to prioritize travel and tourism on the political agenda and allocate dedicated budget resources for sustainable tourism initiatives,” emphasized the associations.

Key pledges made by Europe’s travel and tourism sector include:

- Undertaking actions to achieve decarbonization targets.

- Promoting awareness and responsibility by sharing best practices and providing expertise to advance decarbonization efforts.

- Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in adapting to climate challenges and accessing funding opportunities.

- Facilitating initiatives to upskill and reskill the workforce.

- Organizing regular meetings to monitor progress and enhance collaboration among stakeholders.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressing the forum, emphasized the significance of the declaration in bringing together a wide range of associations and industry representatives to address the critical issue of sustainability facing the tourism sector today.

At Eos Villas, we take sustainability seriously and are actively working through our responsible tourism programme to implement initiatives that contribute to our environmental goals and support sustainable practices in the destinations we operate in. We are committed to making tangible impacts and influencing positive change within our sphere of influence to foster a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry.

Image: Europe’s travel and tourism professionals at the “EU Tourism: Resilience in the Era of the Climate Crisis” forum. Photo source: ECTAA

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