Villa Information Pack

Arrival Check List

Things to check before the guests' arrival

  • The customer key is in place.
  • All the necessary necessities have been placed (Bottles of water, toilet paper, detergents, towels, bed linen, etc.)
  • The internet connection code is written in a visible place, and the system usually works.
  • The property is clean, free of dust, hair, spiders, moisture, etc., and the garbage can is odourless and clean with the corresponding garbage bags, while the bed linen is free of stains/tears.
  • The pool and the surrounding areas remain clean and ready for use, and the outdoor swimming pool is free of dust and damage.
  • The lighting is in the entire operation (no lamps lit), the air conditioners are easy to use, and the hot water system is ready.
  • Exterior lights remain on for night arrival, and there are no obstacles to access from the parking area to the property.
  • The pool umbrellas and sunbeds were in excellent condition and safe from impending nasty weather.
  • All electrical devices have been checked and are working smoothly
  • In the case of a baby or an additional person, the necessary cot - high chair or the extra bed - sofa with the appropriate bedding/towels has been placed
  • The plumbing and the interior of the kitchen/bathroom cabinets were investigated without leaks
  • The delivery of the property to the customers is done with absolute certainty that it is in excellent condition regarding Health and Safety.
  • There is adequate waste disposal, and information on recycling and removal is available to visitors.
  • The entrance door and security system keys are working correctly, and the security of the property is ensured.
  • Instructions for using appliances, electrical appliances, air conditioning and other amenities are available in text or image.
  • There are adequate parking spaces for guests of the property.
  • 16. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils and cookware for preparing meals.
  • 17. The property is equipped with mosquito repellents should they be needed

Quick Check List

[  ] Key in place

[  ] Essentials

[  ] Internet code

[  ] Property cleanliness

[  ] Swimming pool and surrounding areas

[  ] Lighting, air conditioning, hot water

[  ] External lighting for evening arrival and access at night

[  ] Pool umbrellas and sunbeds

[  ] Operation of electrical appliances + instructions

[  ] Equipment for babies/extra persons

[  ] Check for leaks

[  ] Fire extinguisher position check etc.

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