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The word "manicure" comes from the Latin: "manus" meaning "Hand" and "Cura" meaning "Care". Manicure is the cosmetic beauty treatment for nails and hands.

Manicured hands, and therefore manicured nails, are an integral part of our expression and self-confidence. That is why we must make sure, every day, our nails are well made, shaped and painted, based on our special and distinct personality.


Pedicure as a word, refers to the surface cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. It comes from the Latin words "pedis" meaning "foot," and "Cura" meaning "care".

Pedicure is considered to be a summer habit. However, in winter our feet need more care due to the closed shoes. The soles are the ones that accept the pressures from the weight of the body but also the skin changes from the shoes. It is important for women and men to have beautiful and well-groomed limbs

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