General Information

Arodes is a small village that nestles 23.0 kms NE of Paphos town, at an altitude of 590 meters above the sea level. The sea is only 7.0 kms away, and the village itself is close to the Akamas peninsula.
Arodes village consist of two smaller settlements: Pano Arodes (mainly Greek Cypriot) and Kato Arodes (previously mainly Turkish Cypriot).
Grocery Shop, Coffee shop, Tavernas and Bank can be found in Kathikas village which is 5 minutes drive away.
In 1975 (a year after Turkish invasion of Cyprus), Kato Arodes was abandoned and many of the buildings fell into disrepair. Some houses have now been renovated and made into holiday homes on the provision they be returned to their rightful owners in case of a settlement in the Cyprus dispute. Most residents of Kato Arodes moved to Kapouti (known as Kalkanli by Turkish Cypriots) to the north of the island.
The population of Pano Arodes has decreased in the past 30 years as the population has aged and younger residents move to towns for employment.

Larnaca Airport - 154km
Paphos Airport - 35.9km

Sport & Nature

Visit Saint Kalandion and the Virgin of Chrysospiliotissa churches and Avakas Irinis and Dipotamos gorges, some of the most impressive gorges in Cyprus. The Holy well of Saint Kalandion, in a peaceful valley one kilometer outside the village, has recently been restored. Water from this well is said to be beneficial for sufferers from skin diseases.
Hike in the areas many nature trails.


For night life refer to nearest big village Kathikas.

Culture and History

The mediaeval name of the village was Rhodes, from the fact that it was the property of St. John of Jerusalem Knights, whose headquarters were until 1522 in the island of Rhodes.
The Christian village contains an eighteenth-century Church of St. Kelandion, an early bishop of Paphos. To the north side of the church lies the large stone sarcophagus of St. Agapiticos, while the companion one of St. Misiticos is to the south. The village legend is that those who wish to win the love of a person, be it a girl or boy, come secretly at night and chip off a fragment of the sarcophagus of St. Agapiticos. This is powdered and introduced into the loved one's drink, who will immediately reciprocate the donor's passion. Conversely, should a person desire to quarrel with another, he merely carry out the same procedure with powdered stone from the sarcophagus of St. Misiticos.
It is interesting to note that the latter is far more worn away than that of St. Agapiticos, but this is explained by the fact that its powers are much in request by young men and women who wish to change their lovers.

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