General Information

Lysos is a mountainous village of Paphos district, located at the NE of the region, at an altitude of 560 meters, not far from Polis town, in Cyprus.
The village’s largest part is covered by forest and wild vegetation. These are the grounds where the Cyprus Mouflon and other rare birds are living.
Remarkable nature trails are existing in the area, which would give visitors the chance to observe – unique in their kind – plants, birds and reptiles.
Vines, fruit trees, olive trees, carobs, citrus trees, legumes, cereals, and a few vegetables are cultivated in the region. However, the greatest part of the village is not cultivated and in it grows wild, natural vegetation such as pines, ksistarkes, lazies, cedars and various more. The state forest of Paphos takes up the largest part of the administrative range of Lysos.
Nowadays the village counts a little bit more than 200 inhabitants.
In Lysos, the visitor can admire the unique natural environment at the Stavros tis Psokas venue, the village's Byzantine Church that has an ancient Byzantine fresco in the Sanctuary's (Bema) niche, the frescoes in the small church of St. George, and many other sights.
As far as transportation is concerned, Lysos is connected to Polis Chrysochous via the Meladia - Peristeronas - Steni road.

Sport & Nature

Hiking, climbing


Nearest town is Polis.

Culture and History

The name Lysos is originated from the antiquity and relates to the ancient Greek settlements in Asia Minor, from where settlers transferred ancient names to Cyprus. Lisos or Lissos was also the name of an ancient city in Crete. There is another interpretation reporting that the name Lysos originates from the verb "lyo" ("liono" = melt), because Lysos was used as an industrial area for metals’ melting, due to the abundant water that Lysos had in previous times and also because of the copper-bearing deposit in the area of Troodos' west side.

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