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Margariti is the capital region of the homonym Municipality of Margariti and it is located on the SW end of Thesprotia prefecture. It disposes many public services, schools, cultural club, sports club and a women's association. The population is exceeding in nowadays the 2300 habitants.

The economy of the place is mainly agricultural and cattle-breeding character, however it is based to a considerable degree on a quite important commercial and micro-commercial professional activity, while lately tourism seems to be contesting an important share.

The daily commercial and industrial- commercial activity is carried out in the “market area”, on the left and the right side of the main town's street where most of the shops and services are located.

The further enhance and promotion of the cultural heritage is however necessary, as well as the emergence of the wonderful natural environment, for the improvement of tourism potential in combination with the services provided and the further economic activity.

Sport & Nature


Culture and History

Margariti is one of the most historical areas of Epirus region. In the center of the village, as well as in its wider area, remains of polygonal walls, ancient tombs, coins and inscriptions with Latin letters have been found.

The building process which gave a modern form to the area began on 1438 by the Venetians. It was conquered by the Turks in 1449 and that was when the violent Islamization of its residents started.

During the years 1776 and 1779 the national martyr and Lecturer of the Nation, Kosmas o Aetolos visited Margariti.

Margariti was liberated by the Greek Army on 23/02/ 1913.

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