General Information

Myrties is a traditional small village located on the west side of the island of Kalymnos. The name was taken from the abundant myrtles bushes grown on the surrounding hills and is only 8kms away from Pothia, the port of the island.

Myrties is famous for its impressive 700-metre long pebbly beach and the unspoiled rock formations.

Directly opposite the beach, you can see the picturesque islet of Telendos which is connected with Myrties by regular local boats, only a five minutes sail. There are no vehicles on the island and someone can enjoy peaceful walks through the numerous narrow paths.

Five minutes walk inland lies the village of Missouri a meeting point for climbers who are visiting the island all year round.

On the seaside of Myrtie's restaurants are offering tasteful traditional food and fresh fish, whilst the bars have wonderful views of the open sea and Telendos islet.

Is the ideal place for families with children who would wish for a peaceful and relaxing holiday in an unspoiled fishing village.

Sport & Nature

Climbing: This is the most popular activity on the island. There are two climbing gear shops, both in Masouri / Armes.
Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Cycling or taking a Day Trip to one of the surrounding islands can be unforgettable adventures.


All kinds of bars with panoramic views are offering a great selection of nightlife from karaoke to traditional Greek dances.

Culture and History

Sightseeing: The castles of Kalymnos present considerable archaeological interest. The Castle of Hora, the Castle of Chrysocheria, the archaeological site of the ancient acropolis of Pothia, the 4th-century temple of Apollo, the ancient and Paleochristian ruins in Vathy and the ruins of the fortified Byzantine settlement are places of great interest and worth a visit.
The Archaeological Museum in Pothia features prehistoric, classical and private collections.
The Museum of Marine Finds in Vlychadia features assorted items found underwater or salvaged from sunken ships.
The Sponge Diving Museum in Pothia is the perfect introduction to the island’s centuries-old marine history and culture.
The Kalymnian Home in Vothyni is a private folk art museum replicating a traditional local home.

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