General Information

Skala Kidonion (or Neo Kidonion) is a picturesque tinny fishing neighbourhood, approx. 24 kms from the town of Mytilini, located on the eastern coast of Lesvos island, which boasts a beautiful fishing refugee and wonderful beaches, with assorted tavernas and shops alongside.
On the north side of the little port and in front of the caffes, the sea hides from its guests a pleasant surprise: shallow clear water with sand. On the opposite direction towards the south, the topography of the seabed completely changes. Thick crystal clear water with pebble beach and unique colours. The various traditional waterfront taverns alongside the beach complete the magical picture of this area. Most of them are open only in summer months with rich dishes and fresh seafood.
Further to the above picturesque spot the area is suggested for hiking or climbing on the surrounding hills, with the amazing sceneries from the Turkish coasts across or from the virgin Lesvian countryside.

Sport & Nature

Hiking, snorkelling


Nightlife only in Mytilini town

Culture and History

See Lesvos


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A selection of properties with high quality and services.

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