About Boat Hire

Why Rent a Speed Boat on Corfu?

Renting a motorboat will give a whole new perspective to your view of Corfu. You won’t believe how many quiet bays and coves you will find as you motor along the coast. You could even have a beach all to yourself for the day to sunbathe, picnic and swim - imagining it as your own piece of Paradise!

What if I’d never Hired a Boat Before?

No licence is required for the rental speed boats up to 30hp. Over this, a recognised qualification will be required by Greek Law. All boat rental companies provide full instructions and safety advice before you are allowed to go out on your own so that you have the confidence to take the boat out for the day. Of course, many people take small boats without any formal training but here at Eos Travel, we have partnered with Corfu Powerboating for people who want a little more. Corfu Powerboating is a recognised Royal Yachting Association Powerboat Training School and offers a level of practical and theory training in a fun, safe environment for everyone who would like to take some more structured training to make them feel more confident in their powerboat to prevent all those anxious moments which might spoil your holiday experience. 

Whether you want to complete your RYA Powerboat Level 2 course for your Powerboat Level 2 licence to allow you to charter a larger boat or just want to have a brief introduction to increase your confidence for a smaller boat on holiday, Corfu Powerboating is ready to welcome you.


Find out more about RYA Powerboat Training and Corfu Powerboating. Eos Travel can organise everything for you or leave it to you.

Where can we go?

When you pick up your boat, you will be given a map of the sea areas in which you are allowed to go. This will also show approximately how far it is between each bay and the major resorts along the way. Generally, for the smaller boats, Ipsos up to Kassiopi, whereas the larger powerboats have a greater range. Stop off for coffee in one bay and then have lunch in another. Or check out the secluded beaches or waterfront villas along the way!

Collecting Your Corfu Hire Boat

On the first day of hire, your boast hire company will give you an introduction to the area and lesson on boat handling which will cover the following point:
• Local area, points of interest and travelling limits
• Shallow water areas and weather conditions
• Safety, emergency procedures and contact points
• General do’s and don’ts
• Basic sea rules and regulations
• How to operate and moor the boat correctly
• Location and correct use of lifesaving equipment

Eos Travel area

We specialise in the North East of Corfu and can arrange for you to collect your boat from the following locations:


Nissaki, Kaminaki, Agni, Yaliskari, Kalami, Kouloura, Kerasia, San Stefanos, Avlaki,
Kassiopi and Kalamaki Beach

What is included?

Boat handling tuition

All statutory lifesaving equipment

Third-party insurance.

Boats are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week.

Lifejackets for Children If you have children in your party, please notify us beforehand so that we can provide child life jackets.

What’s not included

Petrol is not included in the price and is charged on return at the rate of 1.75 Euros per litre (subject to change if fuel prices increase)

Any damage to the boat must be paid for.

Reservations and Payment

Call our office or email and we will be glad to arrange your boat hire:

All prices are in Euros and inclusive of Sales Tax

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard


What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period for pre-booking is boat is one (1) day.


What will a third party insurance cover?

Third-party insurance will cover accidental damage you do to other boats that are in the water at the same time as you are. Most of the time, it will also cover damage to the engine or the propeller of the other boat. You will pay for any other damages for the boat you are driving.


Can I have a boat for a block or a few non-continuous days?

Yes, of course, but it depends on availability, so it is always better to let us know your requirements as soon as possible, so you don’t get disappointed.


Can I have more photos of the boats?

To provide good quality service, we work with almost every agent in our operating area. This way we can find a lot more available and different kinds of boats. That, however, makes photo-shooting every single boat impractical.

Can we keep the boat for the night?

Agents pick up the boat at about 18.00 for cleaning, refuelling and taking it in for safekeeping. They will bring back the boat first thing in the morning. You may be able to keep the boat for the night as long as there is a good mooring spot near your property.

Please note that you are fully responsible for anything that could happen to the boat during the night.


Unfortunately, I Am not renting a property with Eos Travel. Can I still rent a boat with you?

Of course. If you stay in an area, we operate, that will not be a problem.

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